About me

Gea Sibola Hansen

I   loved   to   dance.

I   lived   with   the   dance   in   my entire   youth   in Tallinn,   Estonia   . The experience   of   the dance   I brought   with me   during   my   year of study   at   the Tallinn   Art Academy   in   1988-1994   and   in   my sculptures   the   dance   and the message   still lives   on.  



I work on  my   sculptures   , both naturalistic   and   abstract   as   to   talk about   inner   feelings   ,   existential questions   and   life   itself   .

It's   about   experience   , concentration   and   inner   peace   , struggle   ,   passion   ,   joy   , anticipation   ,   change   and  liberation   , and   not least,   a   single  glowing   effect   .   When   my  sculptures   are   finished   and   have  had   their   shape   ,   provide   ideas  and   inspiration   to the   viewer   , they have   filled   its   task   .   "

I have sculptures represented in Sweden , Denmark , Finland , Germany , Britain , France,  Estonia , Latvia , Bulgaria and the USA .

Member of the Sculpture Association and the Artists' Association in Sweden and Estonia.